Launching a new line means a new avenue for us to give back. One thing that we, at Architec, can all agree on is we are crazy about animals. We're a pet friendly office. Sometimes up to half of our team brings their pets. Benny was our original "office dog". Benny was less than 24 hours from his execution date when Jenna Miller, our president, found him through a program that features & highlights dogs on death row. Benny represents the inherent worth of all animal life and highlights the incredible work and devotion of those who dedicate their time to saving and improving pet lives. We are dedicated to raising as much as we can through the sales of our TSP Bake line. 5% of SALES (not just profit) of TSP products will be given to our Bake for Benny Fund. At the end of each calendar year these funds will be donated to pet charities and no-kill shelters. Summer 2015, TSP products will be available for the first time. Check back the following January when we post information about recipient charities & shelters! In the meantime, spread the word about our TSP Bake line, the Bake for Benny Fund, and encourage all you know to adopt!

Want to nominate a charity or no-kill shelter?

email us - jenna@architecproducts.com